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The minimum "Business Card Web Page" fee for will be $8.34 per month paid yearly and automatically renewed
each year (in U.S. CURRENCY). UNLESS STATED FREE .... ADD $50.00 to include an e-mail address.

The is offering a business card web page to the below named individual or corporation
using your business card in a form set up by the - additional colors or changes will be additional charge - $50.00 per change.

Your business or property advertisement will be using a business card or property photo as a *.gif or *.jpg (no pdf files) no larger than 50KB.
The business card owner is responsible for e-mailing as an additional cost. b .......

If more design is requested then there will be an additional expense to Advertiser. has the right to use Advertiser's name (including Advertiser's Business Card or Property Photo herein submitted)
in the Advertiser's Web Page or for the promotion of the Network, Trademarks, Trade names or Logos.

I am completing this application form to become a Network Advertiser. I agree to the above and have made
a copy for my files before submitting this form and my .gif or .jpg file for acceptance to be an Advertiser with the Network.

However, I'm completing and printing out this form agreement first for my file then submitting it to

I submit this advertising form to be an Advertiser with and agree to any and all
present and future policy and procedures.

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Add a Business Card Web Page Advertising: $8.34 per month paid yearly and automatically renewed .... State/Province:

A Change: Add an E-mail address or Link .... Please state your E-mail address below in General Information & pay $50.00

Add the Special Button Advertising: $83.34 per month paid yearly and automatically renewed

General Information about Business Card or
Proprty Photo or E-mail change:
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BUT NOT E-MAIL ADDRESS.............................................................
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